Introducing "The Golf and Tennis Lamps"

new edgy lighting fixtures designed and manufactured in Denmark

lighting with identity

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"Living Light"

- scandinavian lighting design with an edge and identity

  • "The Golf Living Lights" are the most fantastic life style candle light products for golf players and passionate people.

  • Using a small candle light, the Living Light deliveres a cosy and warm lighting experience.

    Boasform by Thomas Boas

Attention to all details from curves and lines to the choice of materials for shade, tee and lamp base.

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  • Porcelain shade

    White porcelain offers a deep high lustre white surface look that is perfect for the golf dimple inspired shade.
  • Steel tee

    The shade rest on a steel tee.
  • Mahogany Lamp base

    The lamp base is made from olied mahogany.

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