Introducing "The Golf Lamp"

new edgy golf designed and manufactured in Denmark

functional lighting with identity

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About the company

boasform is a lighting design company founded by Thomas Boas, situated in Denmark creating exclusive and timeless lighting products using the iconic shape from the world of sports as source of inspiration. We are passionate about design, interior lighting and sports and are proud to present high quality products with identity.

the design experience
mission and guideline

Our products combines quality materials with shape elements from different sports and enables our customers to share their passion with other people in a stylish and edgy way! We have focused on each detail on the product from the design and aesthetic point of view to the selection of materials and the manufacturing process. - a timeless design commitment!

Made in Denmark

Our products is made in Denmark by carefully selected materials like porcelain for the boasform G light shade and dense multilayer glass for the boasform T light shade. The lamp base is made from high quality aluminium shaped by CNC into the distinct design expression inspired by the golf-tee. The base is anodised with black colour ensuring a long lasting product experience.

Award Winning designer
"Light of the Future"

Our products are designed by Søren Momsen and Thomas Boas. Søren Momsen is an award-winning danish industrial designer prior winning awards at the “Lights of the Future” and "Lights of Tomorrow" competitions. Søren is internationally recognised for his ability to combine storytelling in light designs. A story that gives the designs more than just the function of lighting up a room.

Thomas Boas
concept / business / designer

Thomas Boas, founder and head of boasform, holds a M.Sc.(econ.) from CBS and has a background in the IT industry working with sales and marketing. Thomas has a strong commitment to design, business concepts and story telling.

Future products
"Light of the Future"

We are working on exciting new lighting products as our “Light of the Future” designs. We increase sizes within the existing ranges and will break new ground in sports like football and basketball.