Introducing "The Tennis Lamp"

new edgy tennis designed and manufactured in Denmark

functional lighting with identity

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"The Tennis Lamp"

- Edgy lighting design

with identity

  • "The Tennis Lamp" combines the beautiful shape of the tennis ball with quality glass and low energy light sources. The characteristic groove from the tennis ball is carefully cut into the surface of the lamp shade.

  • A timeless design that will shine on the table of any passionate tennis player

    Boasform by Thomas Boas

Product details

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design elements

  • Glass shade

    Glass shade with the characteristic groove cut into the shade. The shade can tilt forth, back and sideways.
  • Tube in balance

    The tube form is inspired by the figure 7 giving a look and feel of balance. The black tube colour is low refecting mat
  • Lamp base

    The lamp base is made from black anodised aluminium giving it the deep quality surface.

The tennis Lamp

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